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This page introduces the way to access to Teacher's room, Laboratory and Student's room.



Access to Energy Conversion Laboratory(map)

Campus Map

The twelve-story building in front of the bus stop "In front of the third area" is the 3F building.
And H is in the building for Algal Biomass and Energy System.

Access to Energy Conversion Laboratory (traffic)

☆ In the case of Tsukuba Express
  ・From Akihabara station to Tsukuba Station exit A4(Rapid:45min, Regional rapid:52min, Local:57min)
   Express schedule
   Tsukuba station map (Japanese version only) 

  ・Please ride the bus "University of Tsukuba circulation" from the bus terminal 6 of Tsukuba station
   (Tsukuba Center) and get off at "In front of the third area".
   bus schedule (Japanese version only)

  ・Or use taxi from the bus terminal.

☆ Aircraft
  ・Narita Airport
   Airport → Please ride the bus "to Tsukuba Center" and change the bus at Tsukuba Center.
    And ride the bus "University of Tsukuba circulation" and get off at "In front of the third area".

  ・Haneda Airport
   Please do the same as for Narita Airport.

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