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energy network

Energy conversion laboratory researches full cell system, energy network and
electric power for mobile to realize "Sustainable Energy System Society".


    • 2012.06.09
    • "Research Activities" and
      "Research Results" opened.

    • 2012.05.23
    • English page opened.
      "Research Activities" and
      "Research Results" are getting ready.



    • Teacher's room(Masayoshi Ishida) : 3F311
    • Teacher's room(Nobuko Hanada) : 3F325
    • Staff's room : 3F229-4
    • Student's room 1 : 3D405
    • Student's room 2 : 3D101-2
    • Laboratory1 : 3F117
    • Laboratory2 : 3H105
    • Laboratory3 : Natural Sciences Building B103


Advising Teachers/Resercher/Students List

Energy Conversion Laboratory of FY 2013 is composed of 33 members.

 Advising Teachers : 3
 Resercher : 1
 Students : 33
 (D3:2, D2:1, D1:3, M2:10, M1:9, B4:7,
reserch student : 1)

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