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This page introduces the study themes.

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Study theme

 Study themes of this laboratory relate fuel cell and energy network.
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Full Cell System

Selecting an electrode catalyst to reduce anode overvoltage by electrolysis of liquid ammonia

Operating simulation and design concept of fuel cell system applying hydrogen purification system by metal hydride

Practical evaluation of 1 kW class unitized regenerative fuel cell system

A study on optimization of gas diffusion layer in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell

Tolerability of CO2 Poisoning of AB2-type Hydrogen Storage Alloys for Hydrogen Purification and Storage System

Evaluation of hydrogen purification and desorption cyclic characteristics of CaNi5 for hydrogen purification and storage system

Insulating properties of inorganic oxide material under application of continuous DC voltage in hydrogen atmosphere at high temperatures

Study of the electrochemical reaction in the molten metal / salt anode for direct carbon fuel cell

Evaluation of load following characteristics of PEFC system fueled by pure hydrogen

Performance evaluation of a nanocomposite thin films electrode for SOFC by PLD method

Investigation of the electrolysis condition for becoming high purity in the hydrogen generation to assume liquid ammonia raw materials

Relation between dissolutive proton’s conduction characteristic and purity of generated hydrogen in the solid electrolyte used in high temperature water vapor electrolysis

Energy Network

Avoidance of partial load of converter and maximization of output electric energy by direct connection of PV and capacitor

Appropriate Division of Roles Supply-Demand Adjustment and MPPT Control Method in Battery/Capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System

Study on control method by adjusting the number of cells in photovoltaic - water electrolyzer system for the maximization of hydrogen production

Elucidation of the relationship between output characteristic and material degradation of the solar cells with long-term use

Development of the consumer demand response method by autonomous distribution control

Short-term operation method of an electric vehicle as a power source for supply and demand adjustment

Optimal PV MPPT Control Method of the BACHES


Study on the effect of the liquid hydrogen on the stability of the superconducting coil

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