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This page introduces the research facilities.

Research Facility

Research Facilities

Research and Demonstration Facilities for Carbon Neutral Energy Supply System (CNES) Development Project

200W-full cell power generator

This is the polymer electrolyte fuel cell power generator with rated power of 200W. This consists of the full cell stack, the fuel supply equipment, the DC-DC converter and the battery.

High temperature electrical insulation test equipment

This equipment consists of the AC high-voltage power supply, the partial disccharge measuring instrument, the wide area tanδ measuring instrument and high-temperature furnace.

Hydrogen purification and storage test equipment

This equipment consists of the metal hydride cell, the heater and chiller which heats and cools the cell and the hydrogen concentration meter.
This can measure hydrogen purification and storage properties of metal hydride against the reformed gas in the lab scale.

Ammmonia supply equipment

Left:The equipment which supplies liquid ammmonia to the electrolysis cell.
Right:The thermostatic oven to keep temperature of electrolysis cell. This measures the voltage-current relationship and rising pressure temperature while it keeps the internal temperature of 25℃.

Scanning electron microscope

This consists of scanning electron microscope and X-ray elemental analyzer.

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